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Present and Future WFH The Lines Blurred

Bill Gill talks about his time working from home and how he is able to interact with his clients in a very similar way as in the office.

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Secret Life of an Engineer in Lockdown

As February approached, we were all busy putting our backs into our spring office decoration project. Its a long time overdue they said, will the clients mind the noise they asked, little did we know what was about to hit us all.

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The Transformative World of VFX

‘Visual Effects? WHAT Visual Effects!?’ is the highest praise you can achieve when working on a series such as Studio Lambert’s BBC one Primetime Drama - The Nest. As budgets and schedules dwindle, so the presence of the VFX department becomes more and more inevitable.

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Real Kashmir F.C.

Arteus were proud to have worked with Matchlight on the Bafta Scotland award winning Real Kashmir F.C. Providing offline, online, grade, and dub for this brilliant documentary from director Greg Clark.