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More Masterpieces for Tern and the BBC

Series 3 of this Tern Television favourite returned to BBC Four, and once again Team Arteus brought a host of post to the production, providing offline editor Bill Gill's skills, as well as the online edit, grade, voiceover, dub and delivery to this latest series.

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Painting The Holy land

Arteus and Oxford Films Scotland deliver an Easter Two-Part Special. Carrying his easel and materials, artist Lachlan Goudie undertakes the trip of a lifetime. Journeying from the north of what is now Israel, to Jerusalem.

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The Art That Made Mexico with Red Sky Productions

Artist Alinka Echeverria delves into the three main forces (nature, power and faith) that have influenced not just Mexican art, but Mexico itself.

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Arteus and Tern TV Investigate The Forgotten Scottish Prince

The forgotten Scottish prince - perhaps the Best King We Never Had? Presenter Paul Murton takes us on a journey through history to discover why we are not familiar with Henry Fredrick Stuart.