Following on from their popular "Flights From Hell" programme, Tern TV have brought us more terrifying travel based programmes. Both of which we have had the pleasure of adding our post production skills to, with online, grade and dub from Team Arteus.

In the first of this daring double-bill, we take to the ocean waves where Producer/ Director Ian Lilley, shows us a mixture of the magnificent and menacing, that can occur in maritime adventures. 

Getting a glimpse at the dangers that happen on the waves: wild weather, near death experiences, on board fires, ships sinking - everything is captured in first hand footage from the passengers who survived these nautical nightmares. It makes for truly nerve wracking viewing, so probably best watched safely on the sofa (with a life vest on).


I think we can all relate to this particular programme! as Tern TV brings us Trains from Hell: Caught on Camera. 

As well as rush hour nightmares and unique on-board entertainment, we also get to see shocking near-misses and scary derailments in this first hand footage. From the funny and amusing to the dramatic and terrifying, this documentary from Producer/Director Laura Harding takes you on the fast track through these rail disasters.

Another edge-of-your-seat documentary in this series of travel related docs, with real life footage and recounts from the passengers caught up in the action. With Online, Grade and Dub again from the team, this is show certainly makes your daily commute that little more bearable in comparison! Just don't watch it on catch up while sitting on the train.