This film delves deep into the hidden world of this ancient secret society. For the first time cameras are allowed into the inner circles of this closely guarded group. With exclusive access behind the doors of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Scotland, the home of Freemasonry, we see inside the 400-year-old archive, the mysterious selection of new candidates, installation of new Grand Masters and what goes on within the private lodge meetings.

Developed and Produced by Greg Clark (Bodhi Media) alongside Exec Producer Ross Wilson (Matchlight) and David Harron (BBC Scotland), this fascinating doc was filmed and directed by Rod Tamime. Arteus added various post production services including online, grade, dub and delivery.

This documentary explores the truth about the unseen practices of the Masons, going behind the white gloves, hidden handshakes and speculated secret acts.

Discovering the famous Scots that have had a 'helping hand' from the society, including Robert Burns and inventor James Watt, as well as the close links with the Police force.

So tune in to discover the secrets of the Masons and how this ancient society has shaped Scotland.