We all know that the work of the Air Ambulance services are undeniably important, but most of us are probably guilty of thinking that a lot of their work is rescue missions over land and sea. Winching folk into helicopters and delivering patients to hospital for treatment. But this brand new series from Tern TV shows us that this is simply not the case.  With unique access to these flying teams of skilled medics, its not simply traditional rescue missions they undertake but complex and cutting edge procedures that we get to see.

With the hospital effectively coming to the patient direct at the scene. Paramedics, doctors and flight crew all rolled into one, with the equivalent of a flying emergency room, able to get on scene to each patient with speed - which can make all the difference in matters of life and death.

Team Arteus provided Online, Grade and Dub to this action-packed series. Not an easy task when you consider the challenges. Grading visuals that feature so many high-vis, reflective fluorescent uniforms can be tricky. Dubbing sound to make sure the audience hear every piece of the action, in-flight dialogue and audio over the rotating blades of high speed helicopters. Not to mention the substantial amount of blurring (faces, license plates, medical notes etc) not to mention the slightly more gory details - for the more squeamish amongst us! This is the kind of series that the whole team thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck into. Though the footage being ingested did make for some interesting exclamations from the machine room. Turns out that not everyone likes to see dislocations or flesh wounds.

But for those brave enough to watch, these episodes are gripping!

Episode one kicked off with 2 motorbikers needing specialist care at the scene of a road traffic accident and also a rider who has been kicked in the face by her horse. Episode two featured an artery bleed out gave the Air Ambulance crew a touch-and-go challenge as they raced to save a mans life using sheer human strength and dressings commonly used in battlefield conditions. Episode three - well, it's fair to say a road traffic collision at 50mph, a farming accident and a toddler with severe burns makes for some truly nail-biting television.