Marakids (a brand new offshoot of leading natural history production company Maramedia) bring an ambitious new 20 part series to CBeebiesGudrun the Viking Princess (narrated by none other than David Tennant).

Shot entirely on location in Scotland this beautiful new and engaging series was released on Christmas Day on the BBC iPlayer and then broadcast on CBeebies on January 15th.


Having worked with the award-winning Maramedia Team on both Highlands – Scotland’s Wild Heart (narrated by Ewan McGregor) and Hotel Armadillo (narrated by David Attenborough) Team Arteus were thrilled to join forces with them once again providing online, grade, dub and graphics to this exciting new series.

The Marakids team must have enjoyed the post production process as much as we did, as they had these kind things to say: "We have enjoyed working with Arteus on this project and proud of the dedication and work of both their team and ours on this exciting new venture".

This brand new live action drama doc blends spectacular natural history with the engaging stories of a young Viking princess as she learns the ways of the wild and connects with new and exciting creatures.

Gudrun The Viking Princess

The Marakids brand is a development led by Maramedia’s founder Nigel Pope (original executive producer of Raven and creator of Big Cat Diaries), Co–Founder Jackie Savery (Natural History and Children’s specialist) with the addition of Simon Parsons (former head of BBC Children’s Scotland, executive producer of Live and Kicking, Copy Cats and brand manager for Balamory). Gudrun The Viking Princess is the first series from Marakids, expertly production managed by Jackie Dorman, DOP on the series is Justin Purefoy and the executive producer for CBeebies is Julia Bond.